IT Services Management

Do you feel like your IT is not working as hard as you are doing? Are you reaping returns on the investments you have made on your IT? Well such questions are in the minds of many business owners and IT leaders.

IT service management can help you align your IT to your business goals and strategic plans. If this is a new concept to you, please contact us and one of our representatives will comprehensively take you through IT service management.

Complus has extensive experience in IT service management and our ITSM service portfolio centers on the following;

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1. ITSM consultancy services:

An ITSM framework serves to improve the operations of IT environments. These frameworks are made of defined processes to be adopted by IT environments for the purposes of streamlining IT operations while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. As Complus we use internationally recognized industry frameworks to measure your IT’s current level based on performance and thereafter advice and implement recommendations while walking with you until your company has fully embraced the change.

2. ITSM Support Tools Implementation:

ITSM is about people, processes and technology. ITSM requires technology to drive and enforce it. With our rich experience and exposure, we can work with you in the acquisition and implementation of the tools that you need to support IT Service management in your environment.

3. Service Desk Streamlining:

The performance of your Service desk; largely determines your customer satisfaction ratings. It is there paramount that a company addresses the following questions; Is your service desk operating at its optimum? Do you have the right tools and the right people to do the job right? By partnering with Complus, we can you streamline your service desk in order to improve its operations and increase your customer satisfaction levels.

4. Workforce Outsourcing and Service Centre:

The ingredients for a great IT environment are effective processes, great people and perfectly supporting technology. We can help you get the right people for your IT workforce. Apart from the specialized IT skills training, our staff also go through the following training to ensure that they have the right culture imprinted in them for excellence;

  • How to offer excellent customer service
  • ITIL foundation
  • Personal branding and image

Such caliber of staff will ensure results in performance of your team and a happy customer.