Who We Are

Complus Technologies LTD is an ICT company duly registered in Kenya to offer Information Communication and Telecommunication services in Kenya and Eastern Africa region.

The company offers exceptional Information Technology Services to its clients with carefully adopted core values to meet customer Demand and Satisfaction and ensuring Sustainable products which are at the same time reliable, and efficient proven technologies.

Complus Technologies LTD is also an ICT consulting company and will provide innovative business solutions by combining its strengths in technology operations with its ICT business consulting experience and industry knowledge to promote computerization of businesses functions. Our professional staffs offer a wide range of experience to provide ICT support services in industries such as Airline, Banking, Communication, Micro Finances, Government, Health and Life Sciences, Insurances, Web Services, Security Infrastructures, Fiber Technologies among others.

Core Values

The philosophy behind success of Complus Technologies LTD is to build on core values of integrity in our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Indeed the company upholds high value standards that encompass:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Team building
  • Satisfaction
  • Tailor made support and solutions
  • Sustainability

MISSION: Our mission at Complus Technologies LTD is to build and integrate cost effective ICT Solutions in all areas of the industry with branded and best of breed solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations at all times.

VISION: To provide the best one-stop-shop for ICT products, services and customer satisfaction in Kenya and entire region.

GOALS: Through hard work and commitment to realize a well run respected organization in the region?

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